• Recycling paper — a debate as to whether it is worth it or not

    Recently two printing industry heavyweights, Phil Lawrence and Tony Wilkins have published articles coming to wildly different conclusions as to whether there is any benefit in recycling paper. This second article, by Dr Tony Wilkins, has been written in response to Phil Lawrence’s article back in November 2014. It appeared first in ProPrint magazine, February 2015. Read More

  • Google executive and co-founder of the internet Vint Cerf says you need to start printing everything out

    IN a new article, a senior Google executive has suggested that the increasing practice of recording information only in digital form could turn the 21st century into a new dark age, which future historians will struggle to make sense of, because of the lack of written records. The executive, Vint Cerf, is encouraging us to put our information into written form. Read More

  • Imagining a world without paper

    I came across an article from one of the most renowned experts in the printing industry — widely recognised as a guru and a mentor — just recently. In the article he imagines that an event has taken place which has removed all paper from the world — not just books, newspapers and magazines, but packaging, labels and so on. Read More