Peace of mind

Peace of mind

We know from experience that making a purchase on the web can be uncomfortable, especially when we spend a lot of money and we don’t know the company. We have created this page to enable you to be at ease when dealing with

We guarantee our work

Our work is guaranteed. If we screw up, you won’t be in any way disadvantaged. If we print something incorrectly and it is our fault, we won’t argue and try to shift the blame. Simply email us for return instructions. When we get your job back, we will reprint it at no cost to you, from your original file.

The proof

The start of any job is the proof – this is the first copy of the job you have asked us to print. We send you a proof of your job so you can check it carefully before we print it.

Our long experience has taught us the types of errors that can be hard to spot in a job, so when we send you a proof, we refer you to a page on our web site that has a detailed checklist to help you spot those potential problems in your proof. Click here to learn more about proofs and their importance.

We DO NOT print jobs if we believe there may be a mistake

We will do a final check just before printing your job. If we see an error (even if you have approved your proof), then we will not print the job – we will contact you immediately for guidance.

We never print a job where a proof has been signed off and where we spotted what we believe may be a mistake for the purpose of perhaps being paid a second time for a second run.

Every job is examined from the very start

We DO NOT receive your file and then print it. We carefully check every file we receive.

If we spot any problems that might prevent your job from printing perfectly, we will fix it ourselves if possible. We will refer the job back to you only if the fix will be too time consuming or it requires your attention to fix it.

Stringent and frequent quality checks

Your job will not proceed from one stage of our production process to the next stage until it passes the strict quality control checks that apply to that particular stage.

We make a final check against the proof that you have approved immediately prior to dispatch. If the final print job is not the same as your proof, then we will not dispatch your job to you — we fix it.

Our highly experienced staff

We are old hands in the industry. Our staff know what they are doing, for instance, Andrew and Kay Hingeley have been in the book, printing and publishing industry for just under forty years, and have won many national awards for their work.

We can advise our customers on a wide variety of issues beyond the immediate area of printing, including, for example, self publishing. We not only advise our customers, but our extensive experience means we can actively assist them by, for example, spotting potential problems that others might miss and then fix them. Also our experience has enabled us to develop checklists and procedures designed to cut off any potential problems at the pass. We have, amongst other things, considerable editing experience, and can assist in spotting and advising you of any editorial ‘gaffs’ in your job.

We each spent the best part of 20 years as booksellers, and this experience gives us a unique perspective from which to look at the books our customer’s submit to us and to provide valuable advice if necessary.

Quality equipment

We use advanced equipment to achieve highest quality output and we have the skills and experience needed use these machines. Many printers have one or the other, but very few have both.

Internet security – our web site is secured using 128 bit encryption

Our web site is encrypted using the highest level of encryption available. Thawte, one of the world’s most respected providers of Internet security certification, authenticates the security of our site.

Contact us at any time about your job

Our task is to give you the quality and on-time job you want, and we are accustomed having regular contact with our customers. So, please feel free to contact us at any time about any matter.