How to prepare your files for submission

How to prepare your files for submission

By using file compression software, you go a long way towards ensuring your files will be transmitted through the internet as fast as possible and without corruption.

We recommend therefore that you create a single folder or directory for your job, and place all the files we will need in it. This may include image files, font files and the actual page layout file or files.

You should then use file compression software to ‘zip’ (if you are working on a PC) or ‘stuff’ (if you are working on a Mac) the folder or directory containing your files. PC users, click here to get WinZip if you don’t have it. Mac users, click here to get Stuffit if you don’t have it.

Our file upload facility has proved to be very reliable and we recommend you upload your file when you place your order on our product page. We suggest you limit the size of files for upload to about 150Mb. Files larger than that should be burnt to CD or DVD and sent to our PO Box (, PO Box 311 Calwell ACT 2905). We recommend you use an Australia Post Express Post bag which will usually reach us the following morning.

If our file submission page is not working, please check to see that the Java software on your computer is up-to-date. All computers use Java, and in the past couple of years, it has become problematic , with updates not occurring automatically.

An excellent option for submitting large files is DropBox. It is free, for a limited amount of file storage and simply involves uploading a file to DropBox, adding a message, and sending an advice to the email address you nominate. The advice contains your message and the link to download the file. File upload and download speeds are quite reasonable.

Another such (free — up to a certain file size) facility is Hightail (

We have a separate file upload facility if for some reason you can’t send your files when you submit your job (maybe you sent the wrong file, or you found a correction and need to send another file). Click here for the separate file upload facility.