The Services section of our website details the various services that we offer to potential self publishers.

Design and Layout deals with our design service — for a book cover perhaps, and layout — perhaps you have a Word file which you would like laid out in a professional looking manner.

File checking and advice. We offer to check your files and provide advice on, for instance, levels of editing that may be required, and other issues we might and cover.

ISBN and CiP. We provide extensive information on these two essential book identifiers to enable you to obtain them yourself, or ask us to obtain them for you.

Editing. Discusses the importance of editing, how to find a suitable editor, along with a whole range of hints and tips which you can implement yourself to lessen or eliminate the need for editing.

Proofing. The importance of proofs, when it is advisable to get a hardcopy proof, and other proofing hints.

Printing. Our most basic service — how your book will be printed, what technology we will use.