Files accepted

Files accepted

We pride ourselves on being able to handle almost any file format. We have been dealing with various different publishing file formats since 1986 — yes, twenty one years, so there isn’t much we don’t know about publishing file formats.

Click here to read our ‘ow to prepare your files’ page for hints that will make you project proceed smoothly.

Our first preference is for PDF files.

Many printers either actively discourage the use of files prepared using Microsoft Word or Publisher. We welcome files prepared using Microsoft Word, Publisher and PowerPoint.

We also accept files in the following formats.

  • Adobe Illustrator,
  • Adobe InDesign,
  • Adobe Photoshop,
  • Microsoft Excel,
  • Microsoft PowerPoint,
  • Microsoft Publisher,
  • Microsoft Word,
  • PSD files,
  • JPEG files,
  • EPS files,
  • TIFF files
  • GIF files, and
  • Postscript files.

We prefer to have JPEG, EPS and TIFF files placed in a page layout programme such as InDesign or Publisher, but we can certainly print from JPEG, EPS and TIFF directly.

There are many other file formats we have successfully printed from in the past, so please don’t feel that if your software is not listed above, that we can’t print from it — we probably can (and have). Just check with us.