Fast turnaround

Fast turnaround

The printing industry and its clientele seems to have grown accustomed to long turnaround times for supplying quotes, sending out proofs, printing and delivery. We categorically do not accept this mode of operation. If you need a quote from us we will usually respond well inside 24 hours. Sometimes it may take a little longer if we need to sub-contract an unusual aspect of your request. Proofs will usually be sent out within 24 hours. Your job will be printed no later than (and frequently faster than) the option you choose on our quote request form. Your job will be dispatched the day it is ready. Try us, you will be pleasantly surprised (maybe completely bowled over) at the level of service you receive (especially if you have been used to dealing with conventional printing organisations).

Our production software, written especially for us helps by virtually eliminating time consuming paperwork, and by providing accurate and up-to-date information on what needs to be done, and when.

Jobs we print digitally (most jobs under 1000 copies) are printed super fast. Digitally printed jobs can be coming off the press within minutes of sending the electronic file to the computer.

Furthermore, digital presses use dry ink, so there is no wet ink to dry and cure. This means your job can be bound and dispatched as soon as it comes off the press. We use conventional offset technology for longer jobs, but the greater speed of offset presses is invariably compromised by the time taken to get the job on the press in the first place, and then the time it takes for the job to dry.

Digital presses can produce collated sets of books and booklets, so there is no need for time consuming collation afterwards. We can start finishing your job after just a few copies have come off the press — we don’t have to wait until the whole job has been printed.