File checking and advice

File checking and advice

We thoroughly check all files provided to us.

We use a wonderful piece of software called pdfToolbox to check every file. It highlights any technical problems. We will often correct the problems ourselves at no cost to our customer. If we are unable to correct the problems, and judge them to be important enough to bring to the attention of our customers, we will contact the customer, and provide advice as to what should be done to correct the problem.

We NEVER knowingly proceed to print a problematic file.

The sorts of problems we might encounter would include:
• no bleeds where something is to be printed right to the edge
• very low resolution images
• page numbers in the gutter instead of in the middle or outside of the page
• incorrect spine width
• customer has done the imposition for us
• obvious spelling or layout mistakes
• common grammatical and usage errors
• problems that might require professional editing to fix.

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