The proofs we produce are exact copies of your job, prepared from the exact file that will be used to print your job.

Proofs are the starting point of every job. We will send you either a PDF proof (for which we do not charge), or a hard copy proof (for which we charge $50) for your approval before we print your job. You can choose whether you want a PDF or hard copy proof.

The proof allows you to check your job for any errors in the images and text. When we send you a proof, we refer you to a page on our web site that contains a detailed checklist of possible sources of errors, compiled from long experience. You sign off your proof on the same page, and we are automatically advised.

If you do not approve of the proof for any reason (e.g.  there is a spelling mistake, the cover is the wrong shade of navy blue, the company logo is too small, etc.), then you may:

  • advise us of any corrections or alterations BEFORE your job is printed (for a small charge) — you will then receive a second proof (usually PDF at this stage) to check and approve, or
  • submit a new file. You will then receive a second proof (usually PDF) to check and approve, or
  • cancel the job and not be required to pay any more.

The choice of proof type is always under your control. We may make a recommendation.

We do NOT print jobs if we believe there is a mistake

We will do a final check just before printing your job. If we see an error (even if you have approved your proof), then we will not print the job – we will contact you immediately for guidance.

We would never print a job where a proof has been signed off and where we spotted what we believe may be a mistake for the purpose of perhaps being paid a second time for a second run.

More about proofs

You can choose to have a PDF proof emailed to you, or you can have a hard copy sent to your door. PDF proofs will get to you faster, usually within 24 hours of submitting your job. We supply PDF proofs at no cost because we don’t have to print and courier them to you.

It is much easier and more accurate to check printed copy that copy on screen, so you can and should print out your PDF proof rather than check it on the screen. However your colour printer and our press may and probably will print colours differently, so you can’t depend on your colour print of our PDF proof as a 100% accurate representation of the colours that will result when we print your job.

Hard copy proofs are exact copies of your final print job, almost always printed on the same paper as your job will be printed on and usually but not always trimmed and folded the way your job will be trimmed and folded. For example, if you want to print 500 copies of 48 page saddle stitched booklet, then the hard copy proof will be a 48 page saddle stitched booklet. Whilst proofs may be trimmed, folded and collated, they will not be bound. We do not bind proofs of books that are to be perfect bound or case bound. Proofs are not coated so if you have asked for a celloglazed cover, the proof will not be celloglazed.

If colour matching is critical

Our presses are ‘linearized’ daily to ensure they are printing accurately. We put colour bars on our digital as well as our offset printing jobs to assist in ensuring colour is accurate. When files are supplied as RGB, we convert to CMYK using the latest colour conversion profiles supplied by Adobe.

However, if colour is critical, please provide a proof for us to match to — this could be a previously printed version of the job, a photograph, a print from your own printer with which you are happy, and ask for a hard copy proof. We ALWAYS recommend that clients provide proofs to match if colour is critical, and recommend that clients with colour critical job ask for a hard copy proof.

In some 30 years of pre-press experience, we have never relied on what is shown on screen. We have owned extremely expensive calibrated monitors in the past and still have no faith in anything but a CMYK breakdown for matching specific colours. Even then you need to have an accurate printed reference to match to as well — such as a Pantone Process book. There are many Pantone Books available. Customers who regularly produce colour critical work should onsider purchasing a ‘PANTONE color bridge coated’ book.