• Millennials Are Print Book Lovers Too!

    We have come across a whole succession of articles in recent months pointing out that the much anticipated and prophesied death of print book publishing is . . . well . . . simply not happening — in fact quite the reverse is happening — print book publishing is alive and well and flourishing. Read More

  • Yet more evidence of the value of print

    The following article, reporting on a survey taken in the UK, gives print a big thumbs up compared to digital, showing readers are more likely to remember messages they read on paper, and trust what they read more.
    The article appeared on July 8 2015 in the Australian daily printing trade newsletter “ProPrint”. Here is the article in full. Read More

  • Australia Post research shows the effectiveness of mail — just as they cut 1900 jobs!

    Australia Post carried out a survey of 2000 people in December 2014, researching the effectiveness of mail. Their research highlighted many positives. It is ironic that this research is published at a time when the mail carrier has decided to cut 1900 jobs from its workforce.
    The following article from the online printing newsletter ProPrint on 29th June tells the story, which is available here. Read More

  • Book sales expected to grow over next five years

    A report in the ProPrint online newsletter of June 15th 2015 contains encouraging news for anyone associated with book production — from authors to printers to publishers to booksellers.
    Print’s share of advertising dollars is predicted to shrink over the next five years as digital makes more and more inroads into print — with two exceptions — books and outdoor advertising. Read More

  • Why digital natives prefer reading in print. Yes, you read that right.

    I’ve just come across themes amazing article entitled “Why digital natives prefer reading in print. Yes, you read that right.” It examines the preferred reading habits of young people who have only ever known a digital world. Read More

  • Top ad CEO urges agencies and their clients to spend more on print

    The CEO of one of the world’s biggest ad agencies has criticised agencies and their customers for spending too much on the internet and too little on print. In a recent article that appeared in the Read More

  • Consumers prefer printed catalogues when making buying decisions

    A recent article in the printing trade newsletter quotes research by Roy Morgan research which found that almost half of consumers say the best source of information on buying groceries is the printed catalogue — almost two and a half times more than favour the internet. Read More

  • Are the supposed benefits of recycling paper just a myth?

    There has been a robust debate between to printing industry experts on the value of recycling paper going on for a while now. The blog which started it all, by industry guru Phil Lawrence, can be found here. Phil received response from another industry expert , Dr Tony Wilkins. Phil has responded in detail to Dr Wilkins’s article. Click here for the Wilkins article. Read More

  • Sales of printed books in Australia bounce back.

    What follows is part of an article that appeared in Print 21, an online printing newsletter on March 27th 2015. I have quoted about half the article.
    For those of us involved in book printing, two things are encouraging. Read More

  • Social media’s ineffectiveness uncovered

    In an article that first appeared in the ProPrint printing industry daily newsletter, social media is claimed to be almost totally ineffective compared with the ongoing effectiveness of the printed piece in the world of marketing. Click here for the whole article.

    Australia Post commissioned a report titled, “Creating connections that matter: How Australians want to hear from brands”. Read More

  • Recycling paper — a debate as to whether it is worth it or not

    Recently two printing industry heavyweights, Phil Lawrence and Tony Wilkins have published articles coming to wildly different conclusions as to whether there is any benefit in recycling paper. This second article, by Dr Tony Wilkins, has been written in response to Phil Lawrence’s article back in November 2014. It appeared first in ProPrint magazine, February 2015. Read More

  • Google executive and co-founder of the internet Vint Cerf says you need to start printing everything out

    IN a new article, a senior Google executive has suggested that the increasing practice of recording information only in digital form could turn the 21st century into a new dark age, which future historians will struggle to make sense of, because of the lack of written records. The executive, Vint Cerf, is encouraging us to put our information into written form. Read More