Book sales expected to grow over next five years

Book sales expected to grow over next five years

A report in the ProPrint online newsletter of June 15th 2015 contains encouraging news for anyone associated with book production — from authors to printers to publishers to booksellers.

Print’s share of advertising dollars is predicted to shrink over the next five years as digital makes more and more inroads into print — with two exceptions — books and outdoor advertising.

The latest PricewaterhouseCoopers Australian Entertainment and Media Outlook projects the internet will make up 51 per cent of the ad market by 2019, with huge falls for newspapers and magazines. The outlook says that newspaper revenue will fall nearly 24%, with circulation and adverting revenue nearly halving in the next five years.

Books (real books, printed books, “bookbooks”), however, are predicted to grow rather than decline. The predicted growth trajectory of books is from $1.97bn to $2.16bn. E-books are expected to continue to grow, but reach only 20% of book sales, with printed books remaining the dominant format.

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