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Born Brave but running scared

exposing your purpose, identity and expression

Published Date: January 31, 2015

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Product dimensions 210 x 148 mm portrait, 174 pages
Languages English
ISBN No 9780646932217


Born Brave but Running Scared is an unconventional practical and inspirational approach on how to live a life of purpose. The link between your identity and how you live is an essential part of fulfilling everything that Jesus intended for you.

This book is an instrumental tool in defining destiny. A masterpiece composed by someone well experienced in inspiring others to greatness. It contains vital keys that will help you to discover your strengths in order for you to have maximum impact in your world. Its power-packed and thought-provoking concepts will leave you squirming a little . . . or a lot . . . but once you have finished reading, your mind will be for ever changed, and you will understand that ‘to live a life of worship is to live out the purpose God has given you’.

Discover more about who you are. Connect your strengths, purpose, and destiny, and live your dream.

“Born Brave but Running Scared” is one of the most common sense books I have ever read. Common
sense is backed with experience and a sound understanding of theology. In the midst of the confusing opinions about life, identity and purpose is revealed, as not only relevant, but the very essence of our being. Kara Jones exposes the mindset that you are simply drifting along in life and gives you an excuse to be successful. A challenging read that will dismantle apathy and cause you to find and embrace your passion. I highly recommend this book.

Dr Royree Jensen
Senior Pastor — River of Life Church, Brisbane
Director of Harvest International Ministries –

Kara’s book is available directly from the author by email

Author Information

From the back cover of the book . . .

Kara Jones has grown up and resides within the postcard region of the Central Coast, New South Wales, Australia. She is the youngest of three children to Tim and Kim Jones, senior leaders of the Liberty Family Church, Gosford, NSW.

Kara has served the church in leading worship for the past 17 years. During this time she also worked as the music teacher at her former High School. Most recently, Kara has left the Education Industry to become the Worship Pastor of Liberty Family Church, as well as being part of he executive leadership team.

Kara is a musician, singer, songwriter, speaker, mentor and author. She has been involved in the recording of several albums, as well as producing the most recent album of Liberty Worship, ‘Blessed’.

Kara has, and continues to lead worship and perform at major events around Australia including Perth4Jesus, with speakers Robert Kyanja and Kong Hee, as well as internationally throughout America, Israel and New Zealand.

With a fiery passion and a steadfast direction, Kara has committed her life to inspiring people to greatness, whatever that may look like.

Kara’s book is available directly from the author by email

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