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Teaching Well

Insights for educators in Christian Schools

edited by Ken Goodlet and John Collier

Published Date: June 30, 2014

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ISBN No 9781921577215


Teaching Well does what no other book sets out to do so clearly. Many of the 32 Australian, British and American contributors provide specifc ‘feet on the ground’ examples of how to bring a Christian perspective into the classroom in an engaging, relevant, informative and inspiring way. These chapters are underpinned by thoughtful, wide-ranging writings on how educators can develop their own philosophies of education that can be related to the classroom. Immersion in Christian thinking of this kind has the power, the writers believe, to provide practitioners with insights that can transform students’ lives.

‘Teaching Well is a comprehensive resource for Christian teachers to think Christianly about their vocation and to encourage and enable their students to ‘take every thought captive to the obedience of Christ’ (2 Corinthians 10:5). I heartily commend this volume of thought-provoking essays from such gifted and experienced educators.’ Dr Glenn N Davies, Anglican Archbishop of Sydney

‘I am pleased to see a flourishing of discussion about rigorous and authentic Christian education. The editors seek to follow in a tradition that refuses to put Christianity alongside education and insists that the gospel needs to be integral.’ Ken Dickens, CEO, Christian Education National, Australia

‘If the next generation of Christians is to take steps of faithfulness in the entire range of cultural life to embody Christ’s Lordship, Christian education must be a priority. This book is a welcome contribution. A fine set of scholars and practitioners bring the gospel to bear on a wide span of educational subjects.’ Dr Mike Goheen, Professor of Missiology, Calvin Theological Seminary, USA

‘If you have ever found yourself asking the question where is the body of literature to support Christian educators in their task you will find Teaching Well to be a significant part of the answer. In this collection, experienced practitioners and leading academics in the field of Christian education offer insights on an impressive range of critical themes from the formation of a Christian mind to the transformation of the curriculum.’ Dr Beth Green, Director, National Centre for Christian Education, Liverpool Hope University, UK

The extract provides full details of the contributors, a complete list of chapters, and a sample chapter from the book.

Author Information

Ken Goodlet is an Australian educator who has taught in both state and independent schools. He has served as a school administrator in Australian and Malaysian independent schools and worked as an editor for an Australian Christian book publisher. He has published five community histories.

Dr John Collier is Head of St Andrew’s Cathedral School in Sydney, Australia. He was previously principal of a state and an independent school in New South Wales. He has served as Chair of the Association of Heads of Independent Schools of Australia (NSW/ACT) and is presently a member of the Sydney Anglican Education Commission.

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