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How to WOW

John Dwyer, The Institute of WOW

Published Date: June 30, 2013

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ISBN No 978-0646-90348-4


From the back cover of “HOW TO WOW”.

Learn the principles of web marketing and attract new clients when you want!

No one can deny that “the old way of marketing” is now ineffective.

Why? Because consumers are no longer starved for choice when it comes to communication vehicles

The world of communications has dramatically changed with consumers being bombarded by reportedly 3000 different marketing messages every day!

A combination of off-line and online advertising messages flash in front of most of us every waking hour. But guess what? We ignore 99% of them.

If you’re a business owner or manager, congratulations for getting your hands on this book, because you holding the recipe for a whole different approach to marketing.

Author Information

John Dwyer is a marketing maverick, his thinking is refreshingly unconventional and way outside the box.

He has been advising businesses of marketing for over 30 years and has developed a proven “Client Attraction System” that can work for just about any business.

It’s based on you becoming the “UN” of your industry, positioning your business and products or services very differently from your competitors.

Inside this book you’ll see how you can attract new customers who don’t buy on price, stay longer and rave about you to others!

John’s company, The Institute Of Wow is the go-to place if you want to build sales quickly and cost-efficiently.

Contact John at His website is

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