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The Journey Continues — Cairns Family Church

David Wright

Published Date: February 28, 2013

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Product dimensions 210x148mm, 84 pages, illustrated in colour
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This is the story of the planting and growth of a church in Cairns, Far North Queensland. It is profusely illustrated and will serve as encouragement to anyone involved in or contemplating planting a church. The information below is taken from the Introduction to the book.

It is amazing that it has been ten years since my family came to Cairns to plant the church. It has gone so fast yet it has been jammed packed full of action. Cairns Family Church has been very fruitful in so many ways. I trust that as you read this history you will see the extent of the fruit that has come forth over these ten years. The fruit is not so much about church growth, but about the generosity of human resource and finance that has gone into missions, about people coming to the Lord, and about train-ing new leaders and ministries.

The reason we have put together this history is to make sure the stories and testimonies are preserved for generations to come, to ensure faces are not forgotten, and to lay down various facts that may get lost over time. This book is not written in chronological order although various sections are. Many hours have gone into research and compiling this history by a number of people, so please forgive us if any details have been overlooked. As you read, note who has compiled each chapter and section, so you may know from whose perspective it is written. The pictures vary in quality due to the source of photos that were available.

The name ‘Cairns Family Church’ is an accurate statement of who we are. We are about being a family, and providing a safe place for kids and young people of all ages to be established in the Lord, while providing a pathway for older people to serve the Lord. Our church motto for many years was ‘More food, more coffee’. This was quite unintentional, but it served its purpose in creating a foundation of ‘relationship’ for all that we do in church life. Our current motto ’Connecting people to a Journey of Faith’ reminds us that life is a journey, and it is our task to connect people to an awesome ‘faith filled’ journey in the Lord. I trust that this book will help you in your faith, and that you will become more connected to the Lord and to one another.

Author Information

The material in this book has been compiled by various members of Cairns Family Church, and has been edited by David Wright.

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