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Sometimes Life is Tough

Bryan Jeffrey

Published Date: April 30, 2012

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Product dimensions 297x210mm (portrait), 48 pages, illustrated in colour throughout
Languages English
ISBN No 978-0-646-56947-5


An area of mental health, particularly pertinent to young people in care, where most clinicians tend to struggle, is Personality Disorders.

The majority of young people in care DO NOT have Personality Disorders. However, they often present with features that are similar to, and perhaps have similar origins to Personality Disorders – in particular, Borderline Personality Disorder.

Bryan’s intention in writing this book is to help young people in care and their carers (both professional and vocational), to understand why these young people may experience, and process emotions differently to some of their mainstream peers.

The characters in this book are fictional, and are in no way intended to be indicative of any profession, organisation or group of people.

Author Information

Bryan Jeffrey is a psychiatric nurse with extensive clinical experience working with young people in care, both in Scotland and Melbourne.

As the owner of MOAT: Mental Health Services, Bryan also delivers interactive mental health training sessions around Australia, for foster carers, schools, universities, and organisations supporting young people in care.

Bryan’s first book “My Big Brain Book” proved to be very popular with young people, carers, and professional staff, helping them to understand why we become sad and anxious.

Bryan can be contacted at
MOAT: Mental Health Services
95 Kangaroo Ground Road
Warrandyte Vic 3113

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