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Become a Highly Paid, High Profile Person in your Industry

Kane Minkus

Published Date: July 31, 2013

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If you are a coach, consultant, freelancer, contractor or rebel entrepreneur, ready to make a big impact and in significantly more than you are now, then this book, by award-winning entrepreneur and global business coach, Kane Minkus, is for you.

In this book you will learn how to:

Leave your job and start your own business or build your current business to a bigger empire and leave a legacy,

Harness your knowledge, your ability and experience to earn millions a year doing it,

Understand how to put all the pieces of your “branding” and “message” together to make your business reach the heights you want,

Be the person making the structure that others want to fit within, rather than fitting into the structures around you, in order to make money, and

Connect with the hearts and minds of millions of people to be able to offer to do business together, in order to help and learn from each other.

Author Information

12 years ago Kane Minkus was broke and homeless, $40K in debt, and sleeping on a friend’s couch. Since then, he’s built five multi-million dollar and multi-international businesses and helped over three million Entrepreneurs and professionals all over the world to open the floodgates of sustainable wealth. Kane is the Co-Founder of the #1 Global Business Training Company, Industry Rockstar.

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