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We Are All the Same Important

the Challenges of Relationships

Joan Hoogstad

Published Date: January 2, 2014

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ISBN No 9780646915418


“We are all the same important” is an intriguing and appealing title for this book. It provides readers with a wealth of information about the challenges of relationships.

People love to talk, communicate, discuss, write, approach others and share experiences and opinions. Whatever they do to contact others, they have a desire to connect mostly because of the need to be loved, to give love and belong.

Joan believes that we are on this world to learn and progress towards higher levels of self awareness and consciousness. We achieve this through our relationships with other people and also with ourselves. Relationships teach us how to love and be open to the love from others. In this book Joan is sharing what she has learned about what is helpful in building better relationships.

Joan’s book rests on a lifetime of experience. She has long been associated with the father of reality therapy, William Glasser. Her biography (see “Author Information”) makes convincing reading.

Joan can be contacted at Joan@hightowns1958@zentelecom.net.au

Author Information

Joan Hoogstad set up a counselling practice in 1991. She studied psychology and counselling in the early eighties. In 2002, Joan obtained her masters specialising in counselling psychology. She became a professional member of the Counselling Association of South Australia (CASA) and was acknowledged by the Psychotherapy and Counselling Federation of Australia (PACFA) as a clinical counsellor. She was appointed as Senior Faculty member of the William S Glasser Institute in the US and Australia and was a registered supervisor of other councillors. Her work has largely been based on Dr William Glasser’s theories which are Reality Therapy, Choice Theory and its applications.

In 2007, Joan created the Advanced Certificate in the Clinical Practice of Reality Therapy with the support of the Institute for Reality Therapy SA Inc. The course offers students the opportunity to study Choice Theory counselling in depth amongst other counselling modalities. It was officially endorsed by PACFA. She taught the highly successful course for five years. Joan retired in late 2012 and that’s her time to writing and conducting occasional workshops.

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