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Islam, between tradition and modernity

An Australian Perspective

Mehmet Özalp

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ISBN No 9781921577109


Most of the problems visible in the Muslim world stem from the gap created by a commitment to tradition and a wariness of modernity. Islam has the resources to bridge this gap. As a religion it is generally misunderstood not only by non-Muslims but, perhaps surprisingly, by Muslims as well. This book outlines the defining beliefs of Islam and the devotional practices of Muslims. It explains how and why the Islamic mood and the Muslim mind competes and, at times, conflicts with the promotion of modern popular culture and the propagation of contemporary liberal values.

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The author, well-known Muslim theologian and writer Mehmet Özalp, is adamant that constructive and respectful dialogue across religious traditions is possible and that a clash of civilisations can be avoided. He writes with sensitivity and insight about Islamic theology, history and social engagement, seeking to identify the major fault lines in relations between the Muslim World and the West while offering creative suggestions to relieve tension and restore goodwill. This book will educate and enlighten a very broad readership and will help to fashion a future that neither rejects tradition nor resists modernity.

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