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The Crusty Bus Driver: My Movie

Marty Hammond

Published Date: March 31, 2016

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Product dimensions 229x153mm portrait, 222 pages
Languages English
ISBN No 9781530422395


This is a story about a young comedian by the name of Mitch Master who wins a role in a new movie about a bus driver. The studio sends him to spend a week, driving around on a bus to research the role. Unfortunately he is allocated the most politically incorrect driver on the fleet who carries the nickname ‘Crusty’ because of his abrupt nature.

Although at times he seem to be quite crude he has the true art of communication.

Mitch discovers many life lessons during the week as he get to meet ‘Crusty’s’ customers from all walks of life and every socioeconomic background.

The bond and friendship that develops between the two main characters is at times brazen and tactless, yet will keep  you on th edge of your seat and give you a new perspective on customer service and human nature.

This is a very funny book, written by a former bus driver!

About the author

Born in Essex, England in 1966, my family migrated to Australia in 1968. Growing up in the sun and surf, as a child I loved participating in sports of all kinds. like all children I had dreams of being a sports star, but at the age of 23, I was struck down with a serious knee injury.

I then had to find a new outlet to express my self and discovered stand up comedy. I enjoyed all facets of the craft and loved to write, perform and promote rooms, but never had the drive to want take it to the highest level.

After years of going from job to job in many industries, I was always drawn to customer service type roles, as I love communicating with people. I worked at the casino in Melbourne for three years, and spent many years driving buses all over the country. My gift for telling stories entertained many of my customers. I was a late starter in creating my family, being 34 when my eldest child was born. I lost my way creatively, as my focus then became solely on supporting my family, till 2011 when my marriage broke down. I then started to find my passion again to create, and started by creating a character on YouTube, and taught myself how to make videos for my channel.

I then had to build a website, and learn how to manage that. For someone in his forties, it was a massive learning curve trying to understand these new technologies, and having to do all the different facets on my own was a mighty feat. I was never able to produce the quality, that someone with more professional equipment would do, but my passion to create and keep learning outshone the lack of skill.I started getting back on stage to perform stand up at some tryout rooms, but found that the part of the process I was enjoying was writing. I began a poetry blog and started posting my poems on it and Facebook. My poetry handle is called Rapid Rhymes. My first attempt at the long form of writing was to put together a script incorporating my videos for the character I created called The Crusty Bus Driver. I tried to sell the manifest as a movie script but I have now converted it into a book. I took a leap of faith and left a job that I hated, and decided to become an author. Living in poverty, the creative juices flowed. My computer broke down and I started writing the book by hand. With a massive callous on my finger, and getting my laptop repaired, I could have converted back to typing, but I was determined to finish writing it by hand, all 60,000 words. This then become my first book of a series Angel in a Demon’s Cloak — The Birth of Draper, which is also available on our web site, along with the second book in the Angel in a Demon’s Cloak series, Stolen Children.

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