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Anzac Day Origins

Canon DJ Garland and and Trans-Tasman Commemoration

John A Moses and George F Davis

Published Date: June 30, 2013

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The disastrous loss of human life on Turkey’s Gallipoli peninsula between April and December 1915 prompted a wave of shock and grief in Australia and New Zealand. When the ANZAC casualty lists were published and digested, two questions were most pressing. How could so much personal grief be managed? What might the two nations do to commemorate their war dead? Throughout both Dominions politicians, leading citizens and churchmen were advancing schemes to help both nations move forward. Above the cacophony of discordant voices, an Anglican priest from Brisbane – Canon David John Garland (1864–1939) – attracted the attention of those seeking to redeem the loss of so many souls from the spectre of terrible waste. His previous experience as a secretary-organiser of the Bible-in-Schools League on both sides of the Tasman had made him a household name in Australia and New Zealand. By the end of his life, Canon Garland became known as the “architect” of Anzac Day and was widely esteemed for promoting a vision of commemoration that spanned the trans-Tasman experience of war, that honoured the war dead and brought comfort to those who mourned. Anzac Day Origins addresses the often vaguely understood beginnings of Anzac Day in Australia and New Zealand, and adds significantlyto the self-understanding of both nations.

Published by Barton Books Canberra, Australia

Author Information

The Rev’d Dr John Moses was born in Atherton, North Queensland of Lebanese-Scottish parentage. He entered St Francis Theological College in 1952 to train for the Anglican priesthood. Following a BA Hons at the University of Queensland he studied for fiveyears in Germany for his Master’s thesis and a D.Phil degree. He taught History at the University of Queensland from 1965 to 1994 and is the author of many books and articles on German and Australian history. He is currently Professorial Fellow at Charles Sturt University.

Dr George Davis is a retired schoolteacher and university tutor. He graduated from the University of Otago in 2009 after submitting a doctoral dissertation on Anzac Day meanings and memories. Since then he has been engaged in preparing this material for publication. He lives in Dunedin and is married to Judith, a violoncello teacher.

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